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Principal's Message

Our College, which was born on 19 July 1965 out of the dreams and sweat of the people of Kuttandu has completed almost 52 years of service and glory. We thank The Almighty and remain grateful to all the wonderful people who contributed to the bringing up of the college to the present stature.

We have completed three cycles of self-assessment, strictly following the guidelines of NAAC and been accredited at the highest NAAC A grade. We offer nine undergraduate and five postgraduate programmes and a few more are in the pipeline. Also, many PhD students pursue research and study under the guidance of our faculty members. Our College is poised well for further progress. In my mind I am clear that our effort must facilitate the educational formation and holistic personality development of our students. We shall not forget the Mission 75 plus target that we set last year. By this we do not mean that the pass percentage should be more than 75 percent, we mean that the average of the marks scored by all the students of the college should be greater than 75 percent in each written examination, internal or external. This has been set so because we know that mediocrity is the enemy of excellence. Each student enrolled with a programme must be developed into a loving, vibrant and responsible citizen of India helping the upsurge and rocketing of his family and the country.

The role of a teacher on this campus is identified with that of a rocket employed for launching satellites into orbits. A rocket must be capable of generating huge amount of energy and at the same time it should remain poised to put the satellites on board to predetermined orbits.

Students on this campus must understand that the campus is the crucible in which his/her future is being shaped. Please make yourself available in the crucible during the entire period of your study and try to keep high standards in whatever you do for the sake of education. We are committed to democracy and hence are not against responsible student politics. But the kind of irresponsible political activities leading to loss of teaching-learning time and which end up with violence and enmity between students are banned on the campus. Each student is advised to strictly follow the instructions issued by the college authorities and shall be a computer literate and must strive hard to develop his/her communication skills. He or she is advised to regularly involve in sports, games and cultural activities. Please keep your body and mind healthy and the campus clean and ecofriendly. We thank the well-wishers of the college and wish to maintain healthy relations with the general public. We are ready to extend our expertise and service for the benefit of the people all around in general and in Kuttanadu in particular. Wish you all the best and welcome you to the academic year 2017-18