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Established in 2001, the department of English aims at fostering the communication skills and employability of its students. The department considers its mission to equip the students of the college with correct and efficient use of the global language. Apart from the Common courses taken as prescribed by the M. G. University for all the departments, the undergraduate programme offered by the department is Model II Vocational – Teaching English in Lower Classes. The core courses under the programme aim to prepare the students to become efficient English teachers equipped with basic knowledge of educational philosophy, psychology and organization of curriculum. The department gives practical training in improving students’ basic functional English by offering short term sessions in language lab for interested students under the banner of Rural English Literacy Programme (RELP). The department conducts several student enrichment programmes, seminars and talks by eminent academicians. Currently there are 7 regular faculty members working in the department.
An audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching, language lab is inevitable in language teaching-learning process in the department of English, The earlier lab was sponsored by Msgr. Arnold Poll Kindermissions Werk Aachen, Germany and Dechant Johannes Torka St. Sebastian Lobberich Nettetal Germany. The language lab was renovated and updated with the latest software under the financial aid from the 12th plan of the UGC, using  11 computers including 1 teacher console and 10 student consoles.  The courseware is provided by the ETNL software and includes more than 100 modules of phonetics, grammar, listening and speaking skill training, BBC English, video and audio lessons. The practice sessions of the certificate course “Open School for Better English” under RELP are also handled in the language lab.

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