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Department of Physics

The department of Physics commenced its functioning in 1965. The department was raised to a full-fledged one in 1981 by starting B.Sc Physics main course with Chemistry and Mathematics as complementary courses. M.Sc course with Material Science as specialisation started in 1981. UGC sponsored Model III course Electronic Equipment Maintenance was also launched in 2001 under the Physics department. Now there are Eight faculties in the department with Dr. Jochan Joseph as the Head. Among our eight faculty members, three are Ph.D holders and one M.Phil holder. The remaining ones are working towards their doctoral degree. Aloysian Instrumentation facility and Research Lab is very useful for the students to do their projects and research. This facility is open for outside students also. The processes to upgrade the department into a research department are going on. The department owns 8 laboratories for UG and PG classes. Almost 1000 books, 13 journals and periodicals are available in the department library.  Every year the Department conducts Sky Watching programmes under the leadership of the Astronomy club. The alumni forum – Diamond Dual,annual meeting is conducted on second Saturday of February. The department conducts invited lectures and seminars by renowned resource persons based on relevant topics in physics. There are 16 endowments instituted by the former faculty and well-wishers for the outstanding students.  In fond memory of late Prof. Sabu Jacob, every year, the department conducts Prof. Sabu Jacob Memorial All Kerala Intercollegiate Science Quiz competition.

Research Facilities available in the Department
1.    Photoluminescence spectrophotometer
2.    Spin Coating Unit
3.    Dip Coating Unit
4.    Vacuum Furnace
5.    Muffle Furnace
6.    Distilled Water Unit
7.    Magnetic Stirrer

Teaching Faculty

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