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Department of Oriental Languages

Department of Malayalam

The Department of Oriental Languages includes Hindi and Malayalam was established in the year 1965. All the Under Graduate students of the college opt either Hindi or Malayalam as their additional language. To enrich the literary talents of our students we have formulated various activities. As part of the same we have formed various clubs and forums such as literary club, readers’ club and folklore club. Under the initiative of the clubs formed the department organizes various competitions such as Essay competition, Quiz competition, Versification etc. to enrich the fluency and accuracy of our students in Malayalam and Hindi languages. The prominent faculty of the Department serves as judges in literary competitions conducted by various other departments of the college as also in the neighbouring schools, clubs etc. We encourage and help the students to do editing work of manuscript magazines in various departments and also host interviews with eminent persons, famous alumni etc. The faculties of the Department do editorial works of college magazines, jubilee souvenir etc. The faculties of the Department have participated in various national seminars with paper presentations. The department gives emphasis on developing the linguistic talents of our students through curricular and extracurricular activities. Faculties of the Department of Oriental Languages
1. Dr. Santy Joseph (HOD) Assistant Professor in Hindi M.A, B.Ed, 
Ph. 944712085
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2.  Dr. Jomole Jose Assistant Professor in Malayalam M.A, B.Ed,  Ph.D
Ph. 9447519458
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Guest Faculties

3. Mrs. Mariamma C A (Hindi) M.A, B.Ed, DCPT(Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy)
Ph. 9995109327
4. Ms. Johniyamol John (Malayalam) M.A, B.Ed
Ph. 9605886488
5. Mr. Saju Thomas (Malayalam) M.A, JRF, Engineering Diploma(Electronics and Electrical)
Ph. 9633046646
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Teaching Faculty

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